Our methods guarantee deep understanding of users problems. We listen and create the solutions afterwards.

Inspiration Phase

In this phase, We listen. We try to understand every aspect of the product both from user and stakeholder perspective; identify potential problems and blockers.

1. Stakeholder Inteview

Understanding the client needs, expectations and limitations. Interview takes up to one hour.

2. User Interview

We conduct additional user interview to face real user problems. It's simple way to understand target market.

3. Competition Analysis

Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.

4. Analogous Inspiration

We'll observe how users currently solve similar problems.

At this point, We have solid idea of the project and understand basic people needs and requirements.

5. Immerse

There’s no better way to understand the people you’re designing for than immersing yourself in their lives and communities.

Ideation Phase

It's time to create and validate ideas based on previously conducted research.

1. Journey Map

Sum up all the interviews and create map of users key moments inside application.

2. Storyboard

Adding visuals to Journey Map help us to figure out missing spots and areas to improvement.

3. Defining Solutions

It's time to select most important problems and suggest solutions. From many ideas, we select only few.

Create simple solution as fast as possible and get with real thing to real people. Get feedback. Repeat.

5. Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is the key element we use in developing desirable products. We use various of prototype types from paper sketches to interactive html sites.

6. Get Feedback

Few quick 30-minute test sessions let us discover and fix the most disturbing blockers.

Implementation Phase

Working in agile.

1. Sprint Scope

Defining scope of weekly rounds of programming sprints.

2. Reporting

At the end of each sprint clientt gets snap review of last week.

3. Testing

Test each iteration of product.

Tested, stable product.

4. Delivery

Smooth transition from staging to working version.