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You own the code

You are the owner of your project's code repository. We commit daily, so you can view and track progress.

Dedicated project team

From the beginning you know the developers you are going to work with. Think of us as part of your organization, even though there might be some physical distance between us.

Constant communication

We don’t compromise on communication with our clients. Weekly planned hangouts and online tools keep you updated.

Our Work

Solid code, modern technologies, trendy design - check out some of our work below.


Enjoy the night.
Warsaw, Poland
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Bizness Apps

Drag-and-drop app builder.
San Diego, USA
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Local garage sale.
Warsaw, Poland
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6A95B434-F4FC-4ED6-B21B-B08B4A4F1D41 Created with sketchtool.
"We are very pleased to recommend GogoApps as a professional and reliable provider of multi-platform mobile applications. They were characterized by efficiency and competence, not only fulfilling our basic requirements but also helping us understand our own business needs in areas where we didn't have enough experience."
Przemyslaw Nowak
Vice-chairman for Forum Pruszków
"GogoApps allowed us to augment our development team with high-quality offsite engineers who were able to step in and make an immediate impact on our product."
Dave Morton
VP of Engineering at Bizness Apps
"GogoApps could handle all the technological and organizational requirements of my business while maintaining good agile and communication practices. I'm looking forward to working with these guys on future updates to my apps. I can wholeheartedly recommend GogoApps for both design and app development."
Robert Nasiadek
CEO at Nitehype
6A95B434-F4FC-4ED6-B21B-B08B4A4F1D41 Created with sketchtool.